Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Beginning in media res

My love affair with single track vehicles -- whether it's a bicycle, a scooter, or a motorcycle -- started when I began working for my university. 

What pushed me to start using a bicycle to commute was Metro Manila traffic jams. When I timed my daily commute to school, it took me about three hours everyday, sometimes more. On my bike, it took less than two hours. When I changed jobs, I took the habit of riding a bike to work with me. 

I was reluctant, at first, to learn how to ride a motorcycle. Going to a 10 am birthday party, and then riding home at midday had me swearing I'd get a motorcycle. 

My younger brother started riding a motorcycle years ago, and I've thought on and off about getting one as well. Last year, I finally did it, and got a 108cc Honda Scoopy. Scooters are really bicycles with internal combustion engines, and it was very easy to learn how to ride it after commuting on my bicycle. You just twist the throttle, and you're off.  (A technical note: electric bicycles and scooters have a battery that runs a motor, are therefore motorized, while conventional scooters and motorcycles have engines.)

My friends have teased me about starting my motorcycle diaries, and I suppose this journal should be a suitable response. I hope that you too will enjoy the ride, and maybe get a bicycle or a motorbike and pursue your own adventures. 

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