Saturday, May 2, 2015

16000 and counting

I recently checked the odometer of my scooter and it's already past the 16,000 km mark. It's been almost a year since I bought it, and it has taken me around the southern Tagalog region, as well as to Sagada during the long weekend of the Philippine Papal visit.

My scooter, at the Jariel's Peak parking area.
As motorcycles go, my scooter --- a 108 cc Honda Scoopy ---  won't be considered a powerful one. Although it's mainly intended for riding around the city, any motorcycle, provided with enough fuel should be able to get you almost anywhere there is a paved road. And if I had a dual sport one, I'd probably take it to areas with dirt roads. 

On the other hand, the lack of a powerful engine is offset by its fuel economy. I've checked my fuel consumption and I usually get around 35 km per litre in traffic jam laden Metro Manila. During long rides, where road traffic is negligible, my Scoopy can reach as high as 50 km per litre. 

I've also crashed it twice. It has tipped over on its side while parked on an incline, and slipped while I was parking along a muddy highway. And yet, with a few minor repairs (some of which I did with an adjustable spanner while on the road) it was as good as new. (Both of these crashes were my fault, because I was purposely exceeding my own limits both times.)

In terms of maintenance, I do need to change engine oil every 2000 km, and have a tune-up every 6000 km. The tires have to be changed at more frequent intervals compared to a car, although I haven't done any tire changes, since based on the condition of my tires, even at 16000 km, they're still in good working condition. But as long as I don't do something idiotic, the lower fuel consumption should offset the maintenance costs, in Southeast Asia, at least, due to lower labor costs. 

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